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Emergency Dental Care

At Jefferson Family Dentistry, our goal is make you comfortable. Nobody deserves to be in dental pain, so it is our promise that we will get you in as soon as possible! Trauma and tooth or mouth pain can be caused by many different factors, so an exam including x-rays will be necessary to identify the specific cause of discomfort. Once we have isolated the cause, we can focus on what is needed to alleviate the problem. Click here to contact us now!

Avulsed Teeth (Knocked Out)

Teeth can be knocked out completely or partially. This needs immediate attention!


  • Partial Avulsion: If the tooth is still in its socket but has moved out of normal position, leave it untouched! Call us immediately and we will direct you on what to do next as well as get you in ASAP.

  • Complete Avulsion: This means the tooth has come completely out of the socket and mouth. In these situations, what you do next with this tooth is very important.

    • Call us immediately

    • The following steps are for PERMANENT TEETH ONLY. Baby teeth will not be replaced. You should still come in immediately and bring the baby tooth with you.

      • Find the permanent tooth and pick it up by the crown (the white part). Avoid touching the root.

      • If the tooth is dirty, wash it briefly (10 seconds) under cold running tap water.

      • If you are able, the best way to transport the tooth is by placing it back into the tooth socket in the mouth. DO NOT FORCE IT as this could cause more damage.

      • If this is not possible, place the tooth in a cup of milk. DO NOT STORE IN WATER.

      • Come see us immediately.

  • We will take an x-ray and evaluate the tooth and mouth. Many times the tooth can be replanted. Each situation is different, so it is important to see us immediately so that everything can be done in order to save the tooth!

Broken Teeth

Teeth can break or fracture for many different reasons, whether it be a traumatic event or biting on something hard. These situations need to be evaluated individually to determine if the tooth is savable and if so, how can we fix it. A broken tooth does not always hurt, but it will become painful if left untreated!


The most permanent procedure we provide is removal of teeth. If a single tooth is the cause for the pain and is not savable, we will extract it. You will be 100% numb, so it will not hurt. You may feel pressure during the procedure but even that is minimal in most situations.

Root Canal Treatment

If the tooth is savable, a root canal may be necessary to fix the problem. One of the most feared procedures in dentistry is a root canal. The reality is that it is no different than getting a filling! You will be numb so you won’t feel anything we do, and if you were in pain beforehand it will actually feel much better!


Root canals are indicated when a cavity or crack has gotten so deep it has reached the nerve of the tooth. The nerve reacts by sending pain signals from the tooth, resulting in severe discomfort in some cases. If left untreated it can progress into an abscess, causing infection and swelling. This is a serious situation as active infection can spread if left untreated!


A root canal cleans out the interior of the tooth and roots, effectively eliminating the source of pain and infection. Antibiotics may also be indicated in certain situations. After completed, a crown is necessary to rebuild and protect the remaining tooth structure.

Periodontal Abscess

Gum disease can also cause extreme discomfort if left untreated. It can result in an infection of the gums that cause them to swell, bleed and hurt. If this is the problem, a deep cleaning of the area is necessary to eliminate the cause of the infection. Special rinses and antibiotics may also be necessary to help bring the gums back to health. If you haven’t had a dental cleaning in a while, it is strongly recommended to return for a complete evaluation to determine if the disease is widespread. These conditions will re-surface if not addressed.

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