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Restorative Dentistry


Dental decay (cavities) is a common occurrence in teeth. Thankfully, it is fixable! At Jefferson Family Dentistry we offer white fillings to bring your smile back to health. The decay is removed and then replaced with the filling material to restore the tooth back to normal function.

Crowns (Caps)

Unfortunately, certain situations require more than a filling. If the tooth is cracked, or the decay has destroyed too much of the remaining tooth structure, a crown may be indicated. Crowns cover the entire tooth and strengthen it to prevent further fractures and decay which can lead tooth loss.


If a single tooth is lost, a bridge may be indicated to replace it. A bridge is a replacement tooth that is connected to the neighboring teeth via crowns. Bridges are fixed to the teeth and are not removed from the mouth.


Another option to replace a single missing tooth is an implant. Implants are self-standing replacement teeth that replicate the original tooth very closely. After completion, you will not be able to tell the implant from your natural teeth. Click here to learn more about implants.

Partial Dentures

In situations where multiple teeth are missing but some still remain, a partial denture may be indicated. These devices are custom fit to your existing teeth and fill the gaps where other teeth are missing. They can be taken in and out of the mouth as needed. Proper care requires the partial denture to be removed every night and cleaned, as well as brushing the remaining teeth.

Complete Dentures (Plates)

If there are no teeth, or the remaining teeth are not savable, a complete denture will be necessary. These are removable devices that replace the entire set of teeth either on the top or bottom. Like partial dentures, they need to be removed nightly and cleaned to maintain gum health. Depending on your specific situation, you may have a combination of a complete denture, partial denture or natural teeth. Our goal is to maintain natural teeth as long as possible, as chewing efficiency declines greatly as teeth are lost. Dentures are not a replacement "for teeth," they are a replacement "for no teeth".

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