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Financial Options

At Jefferson Family Dentistry, we understand that financial concerns may play a role in decisions related to healthcare. In general, we ask that payment be made at the time of service. We are happy to offer different payment options to help you receive the dental care you need and deserve.


Cash, Check, Debit or Credit Card

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.


Prepayment Cash/Check Discount

If your estimated treatment portion totals $200 or greater, a 5% professional courtesy will be deducted from your total if it is paid with cash or check prior to the day of the appointment.



CareCredit is a healthcare credit card that can be used for dental treatment with Interest-Deferred payment plans. There are no down payments, no annual fees and no prepayment penalties. Please visit CareCredit’s secure website (click here) to learn more about this great option and to apply. Please call Jefferson Family Dentistry to find out the specific payment plans we offer through CareCredit.


Dental Insurance

If you have dental insurance, we will help in every way we can to file your claim and handle insurance questions on your behalf. Insurance can be confusing, so here are the basic steps to the process:


  • Provide us with the details of your insurance plan when making your appointment. Always bring your dental insurance card with you to your dental appointment.

  • Know and understand your dental insurance policy. If you have any questions about your specific plan, consult your insurance company or employer for clarification.

  • We will provide you with an estimate of your patient portion based on information you provide to us. Every insurance plan provides different levels of benefits based on the coverage your employer has provided. We will ask for your estimated patient portion at the time of the appointment.

  • We will submit an insurance claim on your behalf following your appointment. It typically takes 3 to 6 weeks for the insurance companies to respond with payment.

  • Your insurance company typically sends you an Explanation of Benefit (“EOB”) that provides you all of the details on how they have processed the claim. Please note that the insurance company has the final say, and even with an estimate they can alter the benefit.

  • Once we have received payment from your insurance company we will provide you with a statement summarizing a remaining balance, if any, that you are responsible to pay. In the event your insurance company denies payment for any reason, you will be responsible for all charges incurred for your care.


Dental Insurance Terminology


Deductible - The amount of money that you must pay to your dentist out-of- pocket before your insurance company will pay for any services. This amount is set by your employer when purchasing or setting up the plan as a benefit.


Explanation of Benefits (EOB) - This is a document prepared by the dental insurance company and issued to the patients and dentist. It explains how the insurance company has adjudicated the claim that was submitted for services provided to the patient.


Missing Tooth Clause - Protects the insurance company from paying for the replacement of a tooth that was missing before the policy was in effect.


Replacement Clause - Protects the insurance company from paying to replace dentures, partials, bridges, etc., until a specified time limit has passed.


Waiting Period - The length of time an insurance company will make you wait after you are covered before they will pay for certain procedures.


Yearly Maximum - The total amount that your insurance company will pay for any services during the plan year. The yearly maximum renews every year, typically on January 1, but your employer may have set a different date.

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